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Launching a New Product? Do It Right With These Campaign Secrets

Sep 27, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Honestly, they’re a blessing and a curse. New-product launches are an amazing opportunity to introduce new ideas and strategies to customers. But launches can be hard to do, and you only get one chance, as they say, to make a first impression.

Well, not really. A launch campaign can have longer legs than you may realize. But making extended impressions takes a strategic plan and, even more vitally, a strong, clear message.

This is just one of the big takeaways from Kreber’s upcoming white paper, “Hidden Secrets of Successful New-Product Launch Campaigns.” To whet your appetite, we’re sharing a few of those insights here; to get the rest, click the link at the bottom of the blog and we’ll drop it in your inbox when it’s released. (Don’t worry—it’s free!)

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The Thrill of New

We love anything “new,” and so do customers. “New” gives you a chance to start fresh. To take what you’ve learned from previous launch campaigns and refine your process. To introduce new thinking. To bring in new research, perspectives, and data points. 

New is always exciting from a business perspective because, after all, you developed this product to drive new business! It’s exciting for customers, too—if you’re able to spark excitement and keep that flame burning over time. 

And to do that, you have to have the right message.

A great message is the primary building block of a successful new-product launch campaign. And there are three key attributes that must be baked into your message.


1. A great message is OWNABLE

There’s no shortage of good ideas, but let’s face it—it takes something extra special for even the best ideas to stand out. That secret ingredient comes from your brand, which (we hope) is an entity that your customers already love and appreciate.

What you want to do by making your message “ownable” is to take customers’ perception of your brand and move it forward. Freshen it up. Modernize it. Make the brand—through use of the product—even more relevant for them in their lives.

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A great example of this: Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. To see why it was so successful, request our upcoming Product Launch White Paper at the link here.


2.  A great message is EXPECTED BUT UNEXPECTED

Another aspect of a successful message within a new-product launch is when there are elements that are expected but also unexpected. When an aspect is expected, it makes sense, based on how your audience understands who you are as a brand and what purpose and value you bring into their lives.

But there’s something about it that’s also unexpected, meaning it’s daring, enticing, different—that’s the excitement factor.

Project Launch_IMG-3One brand that did this incredibly well was online mattress seller Casper. See our upcoming white paper for all the details—and another great example.


3.  A great message is SHAREABLE

Shareability in a campaign may seem elusive—how do you create something people will want to share?—but it doesn’t have to be. The key is focusing on what you can do versus what you hope customers will do.

We know from research why people feel compelled to talk about things in real life and online. It’s a combination of factors—the desire to bring value to others, to communicate who you are and what you care about, and to nourish and grow relationships.

That’s all end-user motivation. What’s the common thread in all of those outcomes? What’s the thing that’s baked into the content being shared that gives it the potential to stoke the customer’s desire to share? We’re in the camp that defines the “it” factor as “remarkability.”


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Learn more

We’re excited to dive deeper and share these examples and more in our new white paper. To access it, simply complete the form at the banner above!


If you’d like to know more about our approach to product launches, reach out! We’d love to tell you more.


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