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In Focus

Prime Day is in the Rearview Mirror – and We Learned Even More in 2019

By Rob Mixer on Jul 19, 2019 2:58:23 PM

Prime Day 2019 has come and gone.

The early returns are, as you’d expect, even bigger and eye-popping than they were a year ago. While the financials aren’t yet official, Amazon said it shattered previous Prime Day records this year; more than 175 million products were sold (via Yahoo! Finance) and sales surpassed Cyber Monday and Black Friday...combined.

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Back-to-school, Retailers...You’ve Been Prime’d. Here’s What to Do

By Rob Mixer on Jul 12, 2019 11:05:58 AM

Remember when we all went back-to-school shopping?

It was, at best, a bittersweet endeavor. 

On one hand, it basically meant that summer was over. Once the calendar hit August, we groaned as we embarked on the slow march toward the first day of school—which would be briefly interrupted by a little slice of retail euphoria. Get in the car, kids, we’re getting everything you need for the new school year and we’re going to do it in like, four hours. Our parents truly loved us, didn’t they?

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Alexa, Show Me How to Optimize for Voice Search

By Rob Mixer on Jun 13, 2019 4:25:07 PM

Set an alarm.

Check the weather.

Send a text.

A few years ago, these were (most likely) regular daily tasks with a better-than-decent chance that you wrote them on a sticky note or put each as a reminder in your phone. While those list-making and task-completing practices are still prevalent in 2019, there’s another fast-emerging trend that we need to watch.

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