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What You Don’t Know About Enhanced Product Content Can Hurt You

Jul 10, 2020 8:28:39 AM

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Enhanced Product Content (EPC) is a big deal.

Many brands and online retailers have mastered it. Others, hoping to jump into the mix—and capitalize on an ecommerce industry that has seen several sectors spike during the COVID-19 pandemic—have done so without a proper strategy.

EPC is no different than any other marketing tactic: you’ve got to do it right. No cutting corners. No “hoping.” The preparation is equally as important as the execution, but we’ve seen too many examples of businesses not taking the necessary time to nail it.

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well.

You might be reading this blog and thinking “hey, I’ve seen Kreber write about EPC quite a bit” and you’d be right. Because it’s that important.

Especially in uncertain times such as these, having a solid ecommerce plan can keep you afloat. It’s critical to know as much as you can about ecomm platforms and how to best position your brand to succeed. In this blog, we’ll cover a few things that often get overlooked.

Let’s dig in.

Don’t take scrolling for granted: maximize your alt images and copy

We know that “before the scroll” content on Amazon and other ecommerce platforms like Walmart is crucial to success.

It’s much like a newspaper’s layout (remember those?); the most important and relevant content is typically placed “above the fold,” and other stories are below the fold. The concept is similarly applicable to EPC. 

We can’t assume that customers will scroll further down, so we have to take advantage of every opportunity before the scroll.

  1a  1b 1c

Your alt images are a great place to showcase different angles of your products, which further builds trust with the shopper, as they can see what your products look like in many settings. There’s a copy option for alt images as well, so you can include language about features and benefits.

Answering questions and building trust before the scroll is key—because many shoppers don’t get much further.

Trust is not a given: offer content that answers customer questions

Now, about that trust factor.

The big idea with Enhanced Product Content, including your Product Detail Pages (PDPs), is that the content strengthens the customer’s confidence in your brand and your products. 



When your product content leaves customers with unanswered questions, that’s a missed opportunity. 

Odds are that if they leave your page without the information they need, they’ll simply shop elsewhere. Treat your EPC and PDP as educational opportunities; features like a step-by-step demo of how your product works or even more depth about a specific collection can add value. 

Without that value, and the helpful answers to key questions, there’s a good chance you’ll be missing out on a conversion.

Win the moment of truth with a brand store and video content

While there’s a lot of information you can include on EPC pages, the window to earn that trust is small.

A lack of trust can be—and in many cases, absolutely is—a deal-breaker for shoppers. 

Trust extends to a variety of different brands, too. A newer brand wants to build its reputation and generate more sales, while an established brand introducing new products needs to show that these new offerings are modern and relevant. 

           3a   3b


Two additional items within the EPC category that are beneficial are brand stores and video. You need both of them.

Studies show that uncertainty prevails with online shopping, particularly within ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon. It’s difficult for people to trust the legitimacy of what’s in front of them, and one reason is because they can’t physically see or touch it. 

Strengthen your EPC to drive conversions

A brand store builds legitimacy and allows you to offer a robust, comprehensive shopping experience. It shows you’re the real deal. Video piggybacks off that experience and shows customers what your products look like and what they do. 

Those two concepts are critical to a shopper’s buying decision, and like the aforementioned topics in this blog, they’re often forgotten by brands and retailers when producing EPC.

Need Enhanced Product Content to grow online sales? Ready to spruce up your product imagery or copy? See how we do it, then drop us a line and we’ll help boost your content for maximum impact.

Rob Mixer

Written by Rob Mixer

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