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In Focus

Hannah Murdock

Hannah is an account manager/producer at Kreber and absolutely LOVES IT! She eats, sleeps, and breathes creative content production, she brings enthusiasm, creativity and passion for this industry into every project that she is assigned to. When outside the studio, Hannah enjoys reading classic literature, taking long naps on the beach, and playing recreational volleyball! She enjoys being outdoors and any activities that offer the benefit of sunshine and fresh air. She is an avid coffee drinker, horse lover, and adventure junkie. And her favorite thing to wear is a smile.

Recent Posts

A Rookie’s Guide To The High Point Furniture Market

By Hannah Murdock on Apr 21, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Rookie of the Year Goes to…

When I found out I’d be attending the Spring Furniture Market in High Point (HPFM), I started researching the event online and was immediately overwhelmed by its size and scope. I had no idea it was such a large-scale production and was initially a bit dumbfounded on where to start when it came to planning my visit! So I decided to blog about my experience, not only to share the exciting events and activities, but also to add helpful insights in order to make your first HPFM experience easier too.

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