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Your B2B product is ready to launch. Now what?

Apr 7, 2021 12:17:29 PM

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At long last, your new product is ready to launch. We can only imagine the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get here. The countless meetings, the R&D, the product testing, the customer surveys, the delays (Gartner says only 55% of product launches actually take place on schedule), the investment (!!). For our clients, it can be a long, intense process—and just when it seems the hard part is over, you have to think about...marketing the product. 

It’s ok. We’re really good at this part. We’ve helped B2B companies from many verticals bring products to market with creative campaigns, innovative content, smart media, and content marketing. 

There is a trick to it, though.   


Launch your product with a playbook built for now and later 

After everything it took to get this product off the ground and to your customers, a half-hearted or short-lived marketing campaign will not do it justice. Now you’ve got to knuckle down once again, and partner with the right teams to not only introduce the product to your audience targets, but also keep it top-of-mind for them—for as long as the buying journey takes.   

This is where our Product Launch Playbook comes in. To use one of our favorite sayings, it’s truly soup-to-nuts: first, we’ll listen to your internal stakeholders, because our plan has to accommodate the goals of your sales, marketing, and even technology teams. Next, we’ll develop your playbook—a clear, cadenced, efficiently calculated plan that helps prioritize your product launch among all your other marketing activities.

Last, we’ll concept and deliver strategic messaging, a campaign platform, and creative work that highlights your product’s unique value proposition, along with a recommended media strategy designed to raise and extend product awareness. 


Plan to launch across channels and up and down the funnel   

While our product launch process is similar no matter who we’re working with, there are nuances to every single brand, industry, and target audience. And we know that the way in which B2B companies go to market varies widely: you may be launching at retail, sending the product out through a field sales team, or making it available in an online marketplace, like Amazon. Maybe you’re planning to do all three, or something else entirely. No worries: we’ll customize your playbook based on your go-to-market strategy. (Unsure of your strategy? We can help with that too.)

While everyone lost trade shows and foot traffic in 2020, there are still countless ways to reach audiences; together, we’ll determine the right channels—and develop specific content for each of those channels—to maximize your product’s visibility and reach. 

Too often, the sales funnel is overlooked at this point, as well. By mapping and understanding your buyers’ journeys, we can plan for always-on content—blog series, targeted display ads, sponsored posts, emails, and more—that meets them with the right message and leads them to the right next step, wherever they are in the journey. 


Hit launch, then make it last   

Alright, your product is live, the campaign is rolling, audience interest is high. You made it. But...the work still isn’t over. There’s no going on autopilot, even as we acknowledge that you might already be knee deep in yet another new product development. 

No, we’re going to keep your product launch momentum going all year long with creative and seasonal refreshes, testing, and media tweaks that will give your product campaign life—and leads—for a good, long time. The goal: sustainable marketing tactics designed to reach your goals, and exceed them. 

Preparing for a product launch? Looking to revive a stagnating campaign? Reach out, and we’ll get a playbook started for you.  

Melissa Simmerman

Written by Melissa Simmerman

Melissa Simmerman is a brand fangirl, quintessential Virgo, and writer with 20 years' experience in marketing. As the Director of Creative Strategy for Kreber, she does a lot of research, makes a lot of presentations, and views a lot of situations as character-building exercises. Trolls make her sad; her kids make her happy.

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