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In Focus

Kreber Staff

With backgrounds in retail, sports, gaming, motorcycles, and way more stuff we can't list, the Kreber team susses out the fads to give you the goods about marketing, digital, shopping, visual, and consumer trends. We like to take pictures, talk about internet personalities, and eat snacks.

Recent Posts

Shopping Takes Too Long. Here’s What Retailers Are Doing About It

By Kreber Staff on Apr 23, 2019 9:00:00 AM

News flash! Consumers are convenience-hungry and time-poor. But you already knew that. The good news for consumers is that retailers have taken note, too. And now, these pain points have given way to a “micro-trip friendly environment,” another new facet of the modern hybrid shopping experience.

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Virtual Reality: The Future of Shopping or Just a Fad?

By Kreber Staff on Apr 16, 2019 3:07:26 PM

The digitized age of hybrid shopping experiences has created hyper-informed consumers who insist retailers win their hearts before they hand over their dough. Fair enough, but how can retailers stand out in a saturated market—especially when consumers have the world at their fingertips?

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