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Modest Video Budget? Here’s How to Maximize It.

Apr 11, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Blog Header-1You know what your B2B company needs? 


Of course you know that. Video marketing has an extremely high engagement rate, and, when done well, can drive desired viewer behavior, raise awareness, and change how your brand or product is perceived.



The good news is we aren’t solely talking about Big Football Game-level commercials. We’re referring to snackable, everyday video content that can pop up just about anywhere, and still leave an impression. Think you don’t have the budget for that? Actually, you probably have enough in the figurative couch cushions to afford the kind of hardworking, results-delivering video your brand actually needs. But you need a strategy to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. 

Curate existing video content

Do you have some video content in the archives? Maybe you feel it’s dated or poor quality, or your brand or product has visually changed since it was shot. You may be surprised to hear this, but we can work with that.


We can mix new still photography with old video; old video with new video (humor works remarkably well in these situations!); add a fresh voiceover or audio track; and use modern title or intro/outro cards to refresh just about anything. And while it does add to the budget, we can introduce CGI to account for product updates or new environments. The truth is, you’re probably in better shape than you think you are. Give us your video library, and we’ll give it new life. 

Starting from scratch with video

Maybe video marketing just hasn’t been on your radar until now. You’re not alone: many, many B2B companies still rely almost entirely on traditional outbound sales methods. But as we’ve said before, the days of cold calls and “donut drop-offs” are over; the new B2B sales journey requires a thoughtful mix of paid and owned digital and content marketing. 

So how do you start building a video library to feed your marketing—economically? Think omnichannel and evergreen. Let’s start with omnichannel. Consider all possible methods of delivery for your video (email, website, partner site, event display, paid media, social, in-store marketing, etc.). Then work with a video production partner (🙋) that can accommodate a video shoot that will capture every possible format needed at one time and in one place, saving you valuable time and money. There’s nothing worse than coming back to the office and realizing the footage you captured only works in one channel. 

Next, think evergreen. Animation, either with illustration or text, is a great way to make sure your video content has a nice, long life, regardless of how your staff, situation, or product(s) may change. Again, a good partner will help you think through future scenarios, and design video content that can be cut and spliced or edited to account for anything that must be dropped or added. 

Make sure your video content is seen

I lied. There is something worse than coming home with video that doesn’t serve all your needs: video that your customers never see. 

Because every dollar spent on an unseen video is a dollar wasted. So beyond producing the actual video content itself, you must make sure your strategy for maximizing its use is sound. 


And the best part about Kreber’s method for producing cost-efficient video is that it purposely leaves you with enough budget to amplify your content in many channels to your desired targets. 

Yes, you can (and should) build a video marketing library

With careful marketing strategies, thoughtful editing and curation of existing content, and smart new creative—the kind accomplished within reasonable parameters to produce the most economical and evergreen content possible—you can develop the video your B2B brand needs without busting your budget.

And you shouldn’t have to lower your expectations to do it. Work with a strategic, experienced video partner, and you won’t have to.

Kreber Staff

Written by Kreber Staff

With backgrounds in retail, sports, gaming, motorcycles, and way more stuff we can't list, the Kreber team susses out the fads to give you the goods about marketing, digital, shopping, visual, and consumer trends. We like to take pictures, talk about internet personalities, and eat snacks.

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