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The 2021 Wrap Up: Our Top Blogs of the Year

Dec 28, 2021 4:01:59 PM

The 2021 Wrap Up Blog

While ending 2020 felt like a feat in its own right, 2021 was supposed to be a year of optimism—transitioning out of the pandemic and into a “new normal” lifestyle with the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, borders reopening, and once again being able to hug your loved ones.

But, as it turned out, 2021 only brought more lockdowns, business closures, and virus variants that turned the notion of “good times ahead” into exactly the opposite: putting life on pause—once again.

Even though the year proved difficult for many reasons, there were still moments worth celebrating. From the Free Britney movement to meme-culture highlights like Bernie Sanders’ infamous knit mittens, it seemed as if the internet came alive in lieu of our physical absence.

So, in honor of recognizing society’s victories of the year past, we’d like to take some time to highlight our greatest digital moments of 2021. This year we covered everything from our updated photo studio and creating content for the mega interior designer Jonathan Adler to COVID-19-related consumer habits and video advertising through social platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Take a trip down Nostalgia Lane with us and enjoy a wrap up of our top 10 blogs from this year (just click on each image to read more):

10 Ways COVID-19 Changed Consumer Habits

A Kitchen, a Patio, a Porch, a Garage… Does your Photography Studio Have All This?

TikTok vs Reels- The Battle of Short-Form Video Advertising-1

It’s Time to Review Why You’re In Business-1

10 Marketing Myths That Are Holding You Back

Your B2B product is ready to launch. Now what?

15 Digital Marketing Trends from 2021 That You Can’t Ignore-1

Why Jonathan Adler Trusts Kreber for Inspirational Content-1

3 Ways to Build a Strong Foundation in 2021-1

A Case Study in Successful B2B Product Launches-1

Kreber Has Expertise in Content Creation
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Marisa Rubin

Written by Marisa Rubin

With wanderlust in her blood, Marisa is a creative writer by trade and an avid jet-setter by leisure. Fluent in sarcasm, she’s been on every mode of transportation (yes, even a blimp!) and enjoys learning about a culture through food and dance. When she’s not scouring the city for a new culinary experience, you can find her playing dress up with her hairless Sphynx cat or attending a local Happy Hour.

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